Which Kettlebell Kitchen Meal Plan Is Best For You?


One of the things that makes Kettlebell Kitchen stand out compared to the many other meal prep companies out there is our goal-based meal plans. When you visit our website, you can visit our menu to see what meals are available to order a la carte that week. You will also see a Meal Plans tab. This will show you our 7¬†different meal plan options, which we discuss in detail below. There’s even have a chart to make your life easier!


Keep reading to learn what meal plan is best for your individual goals.




Why Choose a Meal Plan?


Why not just order a la carte from our menu? Our meal plans take the guess work out of what you should be eating for your specific goals. The nutrition world can be confusing, but we are here to help you navigate it.


Each meal plan consists of specific meals that fit within the goals of that plan. This means that when you sign up for a meal plan, you will only see meals for that plan. There’s no sifting through meals and looking at calories/macros to see if you should order it.


Another perk of signing up for a meal plan is that it’s a reoccurring order, which means you don’t need to remember to place your order every week. Meals are automatically delivered to you each week. You can skip a week or cancel at any time. We even send you a reminder every Tuesday with the opportunity to choose your own meals, make changes, pause, or cancel your plan.



Which Meal Plan Is Best For Me?


We offer 5 plans in order to help people reach specific goals. We highly recommend taking a look at the breakdown below, as well as the full descriptions beneath the chart.


One other important note is that each plan comes with a nutrition guidebook specific to that plan, which you can also learn more about in the full descriptions.




Meal Plan Descriptions


Fat Loss

The goal of a plan aimed at fat loss is to adequately fuel your metabolism and workouts, while providing a caloric deficit to assist with fat loss. This plan has higher protein and fat to carbohydrate ratios to promote the body’s ability to use fat for energy instead of storing it.


The nutrient dense foods in our fat loss meals help curb cravings and balance hormones to make fat loss easier, healthier, and more sustainable!


Our Fat Loss plan comes with a guidebook to help you optimize your fat loss by teaching you about real food nutrition, calories and macros, and answering FAQ.


Nutrition Tip:

If you’re looking for a lower carb or keto diet, this plan will be the closest to those needs.




Pure Paleo


Our Pure Paleo plan is aimed at those looking to support optimal health and wellness. This plan is composed of a wide variety of minimally processed, nutrient dense foods in balanced amounts to sufficiently fuel your body.


Our Pure Paleo meal plan comes with a guidebook to help you create a long lasting Paleo foundation by teaching you the basics of the Paleo lifestyle and helping you make real life substitutions you can stick to.


Nutrition Tip:

If you’re not sure where to start and eating gluten and dairy free is new to you, then we recommend starting here.




Sports Performance


Our Sports Performance plan is for those looking to support athletic performance as their primary goal.

The major areas of focus for eating for performance are eating the right amount of quality foods at the right time. You want to be fueled properly so you can train hard, but you don’t want to over eat and put on body fat. Nutrient timing is also a concern to optimize performance and recovery. Athletes often burn through vitamins and minerals quicker than the average person due to the demand put on their bodies on a daily basis, which makes proper nutrition key for success.


Therefore, meals in this plan are higher in carbs and moderate in fat and protein to support optimal fuel and recovery, while also providing plenty of micronutrients to support health.


Our Sports Performance meal plan comes with a guidebook that teaches you to eat the right foods at the right time so you can train hard and recover quickly.


Nutrition Tip:

If you’re a competitive athlete or prefer a higher carb diet, this plan will meet your needs.



Fat Loss (Sports)

This is our most flexible plan. The Fat Loss (Sports) plan combines the meals from our Fat Loss plan with the meals from our Sports Performance plan to give you a blend of lower carb and higher carb options. This allows you time your meals with starchy carbohydrates around your workouts.


Our Fat Loss/Sports meal plan comes with a guidebook that teaches you to eat the right foods at the right time so you can train hard and recover quickly, but also reach your body composition goals.


Nutrition Tip:

If you have an active lifestyle and care about performance, but would also like to lose weight this plan is perfect.




Muscle Gain

When you are eating to gain muscle, it means you are putting your body in an anabolic state- a state of growth. In order to do this, you need to eat in a caloric surplus, which is a fancy way to say you are eating more calories than your body is burning. When we calculate your calories, we do so with this in mind.


Meals in this plan also provide you with ample carbohydrates in order to fuel intensity in your workouts and allow for muscle growth.


Our Muscle Gain meal plan comes with a guidebook that teaches you to how to use a nutrient-dense diet to support muscle growth, support training and recovery, and minimize fat gain that is common when eating a caloric surplus.





Our Vegetarian plan is composed of meals that include a variety of vegetables, healthy fats, and minimally processed grains and legumes.


Our vegetarian meal plan comes with a guidebook that discusses specific nutrients needed on a plant based diet as well as how to support digestion and gut health.


Nutrition Tip

If you prefer to completely avoid animal products, but still want to eat real, whole foods then this is the plan for you.





This plan combines meals from our vegetarian and fat loss meal plans. When you choose this plan you will be able to see all of the meals for each plan and mix and match to best meet your needs.


This plan comes with a guidebook that discusses plant based nutrition and a real food based lifestyle.


Nutrition Tip

This plan is great for those that want the best of both worlds when it comes to having a balance of plant based meals and high quality protein sources.





That’s it!

We hope you found this helpful. Please let us know if you have any other questions. You can contact the nutrition team by emailing [email protected]