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Individuals focusing on endurance training need to fuel their bodies properly to support long duration activity. The meals in this plan are crafted to provide essential nutrients from foods that provide a longer burning fuel source as well as replenishment for depleted muscles.

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Our Endurance Menu

Your meal plan will be customized for your specific goals and employ delicious dishes like the ones below. Our clean, real food made from amazing ingredients will help whip you into shape and feeling your best.

  • Cuban Roast Pork
    This Cuban-inspired dish combines juicy roasted pork and yuca with sweet potatoes and lightly steamed broccoli for perfect balance of protein, carbs and veggies. A lemon-cilantro dressing is the perfect bright, tangy finish for this homestyle meal.
  • Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken
    Our paleo honey mustard glaze is made with savory coconut aminos, spicy whole grain mustard, and sweet honey for a punch of flavor with tender, oven-baked chicken. Fresh radicchio and shaved broccoli salad make this a great light yet satisfying meal.
  • Athlete Shepherd's Pie with Sweet Potato Mash
    Ground grass-fed beef topped with several dollops of sweet potato and served with a side of sautéed kale-- this is both healthy and delicious!
  • Chicken Nuggets with Zucchini Spears
    Chicken nuggets get a grown-up, paleo makeover with a cassava flour crust and paprika. Apples and fennel are roasted to perfection and served with a side of zucchini spears and paleo honey mustard for a sweet and spicy finish.
  • Wild Salmon Cakes
    Wild salmon and sweet potato cakes are the delicious dose of omega-3s your body needs. Braised collards greens, hearty marinated artichoke salad, and a cilantro-lime aioli are the perfect accompaniment to this nourishing dish.
  • Grass-fed Steak and Yuca
    Tender, grass-fed skirt steak is spiced with cumin and chili powder and served with hearty yuca. Pickled red onion and a creamy cilantro-lime sauce add pops of brightness to liven up this comforting dish.
  • French Herb Brisket with Mushroom Yucca Mash
    Grass-Fed Beef Brisket with Mushroom Yucca Mash, Roasted Zucchini and topped with French Herbs!
  • Joe's Special
    Our founder Joe reaches for this meal when he needs a protein-packed breakfast to start the day strong. With grass-fed, seasoned beef, fresh spinach, and scrambled egg, it’s a lean, satiating meal that is bound to become one of your breakfast faves.
  • Eggless Beef and Sweet Potato Breakfast
    This breakfast bowl delivers protein in the form of ground beef instead of the usual egg. Sweet potato and fresh spinach are nutrient powerhouses and provide fiber to keep you full through lunchtime.
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