| Kettlebell Kitchen


“There wasn’t a wilted veggie to be found, and the meats tasted like they had just been prepared… Most impressively, the flavor profiles were on point.”

“Stop settling for fast food between workouts. With Kettlebell, you can plug in your height, weight, and fitness objective—like fat loss or muscle gain—and the company will send you ready-to-eat breakfasts, lunches, and/or dinners.”

“Fans point out that the meals don’t cost much more than grass-fed beef or organic vegetables at a grocery store—and spare them the shopping, food prep and clean-up.”

The best ready meal that fits my diet. They are highly tailored to your needs in term of macros and you can also amend the food they suggest each week. I get the food delivered directly at home so it’s hassle free. Anytime I had an issue, they’ve been super responsive and flexible. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to stick to their fitness/well being goals and have yummy food!

- Gabriele Gherbaz

Food tailored to your needs, and most importantly SO DELICIOUS. Customer service is great, swiftly handles any issues. Process is incredibly simple and takes all the guesswork out of meal prepping. Great for busy individuals.

- Melissa Urena Perez

Ordered 8 meals and every one has been phenomenal. I actually stuck all of them in the freezer, and let one meal thaw in the fridge for about 24 hours before heating and they still taste great. You can tell they use high quality ingredients and everything is packed fresh.

- Danielle