“We started out with a mission - we wanted to help people change their lives through food.”

-Joe & Andy, Brothers/Co-Founders

It was 2012, and we were hungry.

With all of the contradicting opinions on optimal diet and nutrition floating around, we knew something was still missing. We wanted to eat well and feel amazing without having to worry about finding the right ingredients, calculating macros, or spending time in the kitchen and away from our families. Oh, and we wanted it to be delicious. Every. Single. Time.

We couldn’t find any great solutions, so we got to work making our own.

In a small rental kitchen in the Bronx, we began to upgrade the meals we loved by swapping dairy for alternative fats, gluten for less-inflammatory starches, and refined sugar for more energy-sustaining sweeteners. With 5 gyms signed up for our launch, Kettlebell Kitchen was born.

We’ve worked hard to grow and expand, but…

…our commitment to serving you food that helps you become the best version of yourself hasn’t changed. In fact, the more we learn about you, the better we become. So, here’s to many more years of working together to eat thoughtfully and help each other be the champions we were born to be.



  • We're over here dreaming of Summer where the days of sipping fresh lemonade and eating lemon cookies are endless. 🍋 ☀️
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  • Looking for a paleo treat to satisfy your chocolate cravings? Look no more! Our Cocoa Nib Brownies are here for you 😋

Athlete: @jared_p_smith
Photographer: @_DianeKang
  • Our naturally gluten free cookies make us smile, too!

Grab your own Lemon Poppy Shortbread Cookies by clicking the link in our bio!

Athlete: @prince.charming52
Photographer: @_DianeKang