At Kettlebell Kitchen, your health is our top priority. We believe in supporting your body’s ability to keep you well and functioning at your best.



No matter your fitness or nutrition goal, we’ll help you achieve it.



Based on your specific goals and preferences, our registered dietitians create meal plans tailored to you.



We prepare and deliver meals to your office, gym, or home ready to heat and eat.



If it isn’t covered here, we’re available Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm EST at (917) 267-8323, or you can always send your questions to [email protected].


We are a goal-based meal delivery and subscription service based in New York that’s passionate about nutrition. Our award-winning chefs are dedicated to preparing delicious, ready-made meals that consist of the highest quality ingredients, while our team of nutritionists is committed to helping you achieve your goals. Our meals are delivered fresh and ready to heat and eat — no cooking required.

There are two options for ordering our meals:

  • A La Carte: This allows you to pick and choose the menu items you’d like to receive and place a one-time order.
  • Meal Plan: We offer 10 different meal plans, all of which are tailored to specific goals and needs. Our plans recur on a weekly basis.

Our meal plans are designed so that the more you order, the more money you save. You’ll receive a 5% discount if you order 12 meals a week and a 10% discount if you order 18 meals a week. Our plans allow you the freedom to choose your meals or let our nutritionists choose for you.

To place a one time order, simply add items to your cart from our menu. To view your cart, select the “Cart” tab at the top right of the page. Hit “CHECKOUT” to complete your order.

Select from one of our meal plans here. After creating a brief profile, you’ll be able to customize the number and type of meals you’d like to receive every week. We’ll then pre-select meals for you based on your profile. You can always swap these meals out and select different options that are available on your plan.

Keep in mind that the number and type of meals you choose, as well as the size, will remain the same for every order you receive unless you cancel your plan and create a new one.

When you place an a la carte order, there is no long term commitment. You are simply placing a one time order.

When you sign up for a meal plan, you are only committing to your first week of meals. If you need to pause or cancel your first week’s delivery, you can do so online anytime before Wednesday at midnight EST. We’ll then credit your account.

Signing up for a meal plan gives you access to our team of nutritionists who are there to answer any questions you may have as well as provide you with personalized advice to help you achieve your goals.

All of our meal plan customers also receive a comprehensive guidebook tailored to their plan as well as a complimentary 30-minute consultation with one of our nutritionists*. You’ll be able to sign up for your consultation via email after you’ve started your meal plan.

We have 10 different meal plan options for you to choose from, each based on specific goals and/or dietary restrictions. Our meal plan options include:

Slim: The plan for those looking to shed excess fat.
Burn: HIIT? Cardio? Group fitness? If you’re looking to fuel hard workouts, this is the plan for you.
Build: The nutrient-dense meals in this plan support muscle building.
Perform: No matter if it’s on a court, arena, pitch, or field, this plan helps athletes perform their best.
Endure: Do you run, bike, or swim? If so, this is the plan for you.
Vegetarian: Go green with meals that are full of quality grains, vegetables, and animal-free fats.
Flexitarian: Can’t choose between animal- and plant-based meals? This plan incorporates both.
Pure Paleo: Eat like our ancestors to support optimal health and wellbeing.
Complete Keto: Replace carbs with quality fats, and prompt your body to use fat for fuel.
Whole 30: Use this dietary experiment to reset your health and redefine your relationship with food.


We make two deliveries per week, so we have two order deadlines:

For beginning of week delivery: Wednesday at 11:59pm EST
For midweek delivery: Saturday at 11:59pm EST

Keep in mind that all meal plans must be ordered or adjusted before Wednesday at midnight EST for the upcoming week. Billing for meal plans goes through on Thursday morning.

If you place a meal plan order after the Wednesday deadline, your delivery will not arrive for the upcoming week. It will arrive for the week after.

You can skip or cancel your meal plan at any time. Keep in mind that we process billing on Thursday, so all skips and cancels must be made by Wednesday at midnight EST. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Log into your account and go here
  • In the box specifying the plan you’d like to pause, click “Edit” in the bottom right hand corner
  • Select when you’d like to pause your plan (beginning of the week, mid week, or all week)
  • Or select “Cancel” to stop receiving recurring orders

You will only be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel your delivery after the below deadlines:

Beginning of week delivery and all meal plan deliveries: Wednesday at midnight EST
Midweek deliveries: Saturday at midnight EST

Cancellations made after these deadlines will incur a 50% cancellation fee. The remaining 50% will be credited back to your KBK account for use on future orders. Our credits do not expire.

The meals you receive on a meal plan are pre-selected for you by our nutritionists. However, you can always adjust your meals. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Log into your account and go here
  • Click the “Change My Weekly Meals” link on the meal plan you’d like to adjust
  • Select which delivery cycle you’d like to change meals for (Monday or Thursday)
  • Use the arrow to see additional meal options and click the “Change” button to replace any meal
  • Your full week summary is on the right panel
  • Click “Finish Meal Plan” button

We deliver to homes nationwide either via courier or FedEx, depending on your location. We also offer a number of pickup locations throughout the US. If there isn’t a pickup location in your area, or if you’d prefer to receive home or office delivery, simply add your delivery address to your account profile.

Click here for a full list of all of our pickup locations. To figure out if there’s a location close to you, simply enter your zip code into the search bar.

Yes, many of our gyms allow non members to pick up there. However, any gym that is designated on our website’s location page as private does not allow pick up for non members.

If you choose to pick your meals up at a gym where you’re not a member, make sure to reach out or check their website for their operating hours.

We deliver twice a week, at the beginning of the week and then again midweek. Depending on your delivery area, the beginning of the week delivery will occur on Sunday or Monday, an the midweek delivery will occur on Wednesday or Thursday.

Specific delivery times vary by gym. if you need an approximate delivery time for your gym, feel free to reach out to us.

Depending on your delivery location and type, we either deliver at night or early in the morning. Your delivery options and times will show during checkout.

You do not need to be home to receive your delivery. If you’d like us to leave your meals when you’re not home, please specify where exactly to leave them in your delivery notes, which will appear when you enter your home address in your profile.

Please keep in mind that if you’re not home when we try to deliver your meals, and you didn’t leave delivery notes, we will NOT leave your meals.

If you’ve chosen to have your meals delivered to a gym, they will be placed in a refrigerator in your gym.

If you choose to have your meals delivered to one of our pick up locations, delivery is free.
If courier delivery is available for your home address, you will be charged an additional $9 per delivery. If courier isn’t available, we’ll ship your meals via FedEx, and you’ll be charged an additional $12 per delivery.

If you receive hand delivery to your home, you can give your insulated bags back to the driver on your next delivery to recycle. It’s safe to pour the contents of our ice packs down the sink.

While we cannot take back any packaging for our FedEx deliveries, we suggest either recycling the materials or donating them to a local service or charity in need. Some suggestions for donation are local boys and girls clubs, soup kitchens, or fishing/hunting organizations.

Yes! We deliver everywhere in the Continental United States (we don’t deliver to Hawaii and Alaska).


The prices of our meals vary by the type of meal and size you choose:

  • Breakfasts: $8.95-$9.95
  • Medium lunches/dinners: $11.95-$12.95
  • Large lunches/dinners: $13.95

If you choose to order a meal plan, you’ll receive discounts depending on the number of meals you order. If you order 12 meals per week, you’ll receive a 5% discount. If you order 18 meals, you’ll receive a 10% discount.

Meal plans are billed for the upcoming week on Thursday morning at 12:01AM EST the week prior to delivery.

Refunds will not be issued for cancellations made after the following deadlines:

Beginning of week delivery and all meal plan deliveries: Wednesday at midnight EST
Midweek deliveries: Saturday at midnight EST

Cancellations made after the above deadlines will incur a 50% cancellation fee. The remaining 50% will be credited back to your KBK account for use on future orders. Our credits do not expire.

A credit is money placed back into your Kettlebell Kitchen account to be used on a future order. A refund is money refunded back to your credit card. We typically issue credits rather than refunds.

If you require a refund for a specific circumstance, we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. Please reach out to [email protected] for assistance with refunds.

Yes, we do! Our gift cards are electronic and can be sent to anyone with a valid email address. You can add a personalized message to your gift card, as well as choose a delivery date. For more information on our gift cards, click here.

Nutrition and Meals

Our meals are soy-free and dairy-free. All of the ingredients we use in our food are naturally gluten-free, though our kitchen is not certified gluten-free.

Our athlete meals contain 35% protein, 35% carbs, and 30% fat. Many of our athletes require higher-carb meals to fuel their training, especially to help replenish glycogen stores after a tough workout.

Yes, we have a full vegetarian menu with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. All of these meals are plant-based, free of animal products, and free of gluten, dairy, and soy.

Medium meals generally contain 4-4.5 ounces of protein and 6-8 ounces of vegetables/sides. Large meals generally contain 6-7 ounces of protein and 10-12 ounces of vegetables/sides. Sixty five percent of our customers find the medium size meals to be enough food, while our more active athletes and larger adults tend to choose the large option.

Our meals stay fresh for anywhere from three to five days, depending on the meal.
All of our meals come with an eat-by date.

If you’d like your meals to last longer, we suggest freezing them. After freezing, you can simply defrost the meals in an oven or microwave before eating.

We are required to discard your meals if not picked up by the eat-by date. Please pick up your meals within a day or two of delivery. Thank you for your understanding.

Our containers are both microwave and oven safe. To microwave a meal, lift the lid or film just enough to remove any sauce containers and heat for around three minutes. You can leave the plastic top on the meal container.

For oven reheating, check the instructions on the meal sleeve. Please remember to remove any plastic lids/films or sauce containers before putting your meal in the oven. You may also heat your meals on the stove in a pan.

All of our menu items come with a full ingredient list. In addition, if you have a meal plan, you can select certain restrictions, which we will make sure not to include in you meals.

We don’t, however, make our meals especially for allergies. Therefore, if your allergy is serious, please proceed with caution and feel free to consult our customer service team first with any questions. Keep in mind that our kitchen is already dairy-, soy-, and peanut-free.

We make sure to source the highest-quality ingredients possible for our meals, and as locally sourced to our facilities as possible. All of our beef is 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised, our poultry and pork is raised without hormones and antibiotics*, and our fish is wild-caught.

*Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry, pork, veal, and non-amenable meats.



It’s #challenge time. It involves food & a partner that you’re willing to go blind for, and some awesome prizes for your gym. 
We’re celebrating the spirit of the Open by launching our After WOD Challenge called #FeedMeKBK.

This is whatcha gotta do: 
1. Grab a partner and a KBK meal 👫
2. Get a friend to record 📷
3. Blindfold or close your eyes - both of you 🥽
4. Nominate one partner to do the feeding and the other to do the eating🍴
5. Post your video on instagram tagging: your gym, @kettlebellkitchen and use hashtag #FeedMeKBK

Each week, we’ll choose a winner.
BONUS💥for EVERY #FeedMeKBK HASHTAG used, we’ll donate a meal to @foodbank4nyc . For more details and prize options, click the link in our bio!

3...2...1... GO

With the Open approaching, we want to help you crush your goals! Our Perform Meal Plan was designed to help do just that. Commit to 4 weeks of meals, share your progress and get $75 off your 5th week.
“Finish Top 20 worldwide in this year’s Open” - KBK Champ @chelseych11

Swipe left for details on how to enter - Link in bio

Who doesn't love fall off the bone tender meat, slowly braised with apples, onion, and paprika?  We do! This homestyle dish is served with a side of fluffy cauliflower mash and light sautéed zucchini to get your veggies in.